Antique and Collectables Fair.

On the 14th,15th and the 16th of July we held our 25th annual Antique and Collectables fair at the Williamstown hall in Williamstown. We were very pleased to see a large amount of people coming along to have a look at what was going on, even with all the road works going on out the front, we had lots of local Antique dealers and a few from interstate at the event and they all were very pleased with the outcome of the event.

All the money that was raised as the entry fee to the fair will be divided into all of our ongoing projects which are all to do with our local communality.




Royce Abbey Champion for Change

Past President Des O’Shanassy was one of two Presidents in the District to be named a Royce Abbey Champion for Change at the District Governor Change Over Lunch on Sunday 25 June at the RACV Club.

Des’s recognition was for his significant efforts and success in increasing membership in the Rotary Club of Hoppers Crossing, with a particular emphasis on increasing female membership.

A pull-up banner has been created to honour Des’s award. He is seen here receiving the award from Past District Governor Neville John.

Change Over Dinner

On Saturday the 17th of June, the Rotary Club Of Hoppers Crossing had our annual change over dinner, this is a night where we thank all of our old board members and President Des O'”shanassy on there hard work of running our club for the year 2016-2017, and we welcome our new board an President David Robson for the year 2017-2018 year.

We also had two new Rotarians inducted into our club on this night,  Brendan McGrath and Jake Crulci which is always very exciting for everyone involved with the club.

WynSpeak Final 2017

(Report by President Des O’Shanassy. Apologies in lateness of publishing this article – Louise, webpage manager)

On Wednesday 7th June 2017, we had the opportunity of attending the WynSpeak 2017 Final at the Wyndham Cultural Centre and I am very pleased that we had a reasonably good attendance on the night.

The Organising committee does a huge amount of voluntary work over many months in preparing for this event and run five preliminary rounds prior to the Final, so it is important to show our support to the Rotarians involved.

Senior Winner – Maria Irene Magousis (Good News Lutheran College)

This year’s senior winner was Maria Irene Magousis from Good News Lutheran College. Maria presented a challenging address on the ‘Value of Vaccinations’.

Junior Winner – Alejandra Comacho (Bacchus Marsh Grammar)

This year’s junior winner was Alejandra Comacho from Bacchus Marsh Grammar. Alejandra informed us about the ‘Importance of a Name’.

This was the first time the Final has been held at the Wyndham Cultural Centre and despite a few logistical issues and challenges the committee worked through, the night went off extremely well. We are grateful for the support provided by Wyndham Cultural Centre staff.

One thing we missed this year was the powerpoint presentation in the backgound showing sponsors names and actual filming of the event. Both tasks are managed by Rovick Productions. Rodney and Vicki unfortunately had to rush over to New Zealand late on the Friday prior to the final for personal reasons. We have you and your family in our thoughts, Rod and Vicky.

Senior Finalists 2017

Junior Finalists 2017

Early in the next school term, I will be travelling to the various colleges attended by the winners and runners up to represent personal trophies and the Junior and Senior Shields to the winning schools’ Principals at school assemblies. Details will be announced once trophies are engraved and any members who may be available are invited to accompany me to the colleges for this ceremony.

Finally, we were joined by a delegation of members from the Rotary Club of Caroline Springs for preliminary round five and at the Final who are interested in developing a similar competition for the area. We will be having discussions with them shortly about how we can assist them to promote this concept to their local secondary colleges hoping to get another competition off and running. Stay tuned for more information.

If you would like to see photos from the night, please head to the WynSpeak Facebook Page.  Please like their page and you will be informed when the fun begin again in 2018.

Special thanks to the WynSpeak Organising Committee, who was chaired this year by Geraldine Walker. Also an extended thanks to all members and supporters from both Apex and Rotary who helped make this year another successful year for this long-standing local public speaking even.

Wynspeak is a community project jointly run by Hoppers Crossing Apex and the Rotary Club of Hoppers Crossing.

We would also like to acknowledge the support and sponsorship of the 2017 competition:

Aziz and Tufah’s Inductions

(L-R) Tufah, President Des and Aziz

Charter member Nick is inducting Tufah and Aziz. Doug and Greg welcome the new members to their committees and Khurram is the mentor for Aziz. Louise si the mentor for Tufah (but absent on the night). (L-R) Nick, Tufah, Aziz, Doug and Khurram.

Tufah and Aziz we inducted into the club on Wednesday 24 May 2017. We are very pleased to welcome them officially even though they have been attending and contributing for some time now.

We are proud to see our membership has grown from 22 members last July to 31 (to date) with two more member inductions (Jake and Brendan) in June at our club’s changeover dinner. It seems that the ability to talk to people about how great our organisation is, is required and to show positive enthusiasm to people when inviting them along.

Our long-time friend “the little pink hat” will of course take all the credit for our membership growth and will be retired at Changeover Night, but any thoughts of taking the scissors to it that night may have to wait as we have been invited by our Guest Speaker last night Dr Leon Lewi to attend a club meeting at his club, Keilor in July for the purpose of discussing how we were so successful in growing our club this year and our little pink hat will be attending.

Des will be escorting our little pink hat along to its first interclub visit. Whilst its existence is a constant reminder to our goal of increasing ‘female’ membership, its contribution has been entirely symbolic and a bit of a gimmick. “The little pink hat” appears to have grown a life of its own and it has actually worked in a positive way for us.

Prospective New Member – Brendan McGrath

Brendan’s biggest dislike in life is standing in front of a group talking, add to that talking about himself and we were lucky to have him tell us a little bit about himself and his family.

Brendan is a local boy. He has been married to his wife, Kelly for 20 years and has three wonderful children who you can tell he adores. Two of his children are attending Mac Killop College and the youngest is at Thomas Chirnside. Brendan and his family have been living in Werribee since 1981.

Brendan began his career as an Apprentice Panel Beater, working in his family’s business for 20 years when he decided he wanted a career change. To his father’s dismay he entered the insurance industry working as an Assessor for the first seven years there and then moving onto a Client Relationship Manager for half of Victoria and Tasmania. Brendan says he loves his job which is a rarity for most people.

Brendan is also involved in a few local clubs. He helps out at Werribee Centrals Football Club where is daughter plays football and also at the Williamstown Cults Cricket Club. Bredan is looking forward to becoming a member of our club and getting more involved in the community where he and his family live.

Riley Orlinski – RCHC Youth Citizenship Award Recipient 2016

Riley was the recipient of the 2016 RCHC Youth Citizenship Award. Riley is a student at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College and was nominated for the award by his science teacher who explained to Riley that she nominated him for his great growth in mindset and improvement and dedication to science.

This year Riley has been nominated and elected onto the School Representative Council. Riley attended a leadership camp at the beginning of the year to help develop his leadership skills.

Riley also likes being involved in the local community. He has been a participant in the local Relat for Life for the past five years and been on the committee for his group for the past two years. Riley has been involved in organising fundraising for his team including trivia nights and delivering phone books. He is also involved in his local cricket club and Point Cook football club.

Riley has also applied for the Chinese Learning Experience through his school. This would include visiting a boarding school in China and also visiting many of the tourist attractions. Riley is sitting his interview for selection tomorrow.

Khurram (Youth Chair) with Riley

Riley thanked his parents for their ongoing support of him, his school for recognising his commitment to the community and our club for the award.

We all wish him very well for your interview tomorrow Riley and your continued contributions as a citizen to the Wyndham community.

Blue Light Disco Donation

(This article was written by President Des – 10 May 2017)

(L-R) Pennie and Michael from Victoria Police with Rotarians Bob and Khurram.

Our guest speakers were Leading Senior Constable Penni Renden and Senior Constable Michael Marshall from Victoria Police. Penni and Michael both have great passion for the Blue Light Disco Program and its associated projects and talked to us about the great work being done for disadvantaged kids in the western region by running discos for disadvantaged and troubled youth in the West.

They obtain support from Victoria Police but only in relation to using Police buses to take a group of kids each year to a camp which teaches them self confidence and life skills.

Otherwise the camps are largely funded through community donations and from any profits they make from running the Blue Light Discos in Sanctuary Lakes.

Participants are sourced through recommendation from local schools in the West. All police involved in this project donate their own time as they are not rostered on for “Blue Light Disco” duty.

The camps cost around $5000 – $6000 to run each year and our club was happy to present them with a donation tonight to help fund their next camp.

Prospective new member – Gull

Gull had a quick chat with us tonight about who she is and why she wanted to join the Rotary Club of Hoppers Crossing.

Gull moved to Australia with her family in 1993 and has loved living in Australia ever since. Gull is very passionate about people and helping out in the community.

Gull works as a Childhood Educator, which keeps her very busy however; when Gull is not working she is volunteering her time as Vice President of the Australian Muslim Women’s Association as Vice President. Gull volunteers there with her friend Tufah (also a member of our club) who is President of the Association.

Tufah introduced Gull to our club and Gull was excited to see how we function and the great fellowship amongst members and guest that she has decided to join us. Gull will be inducted into the club next month. We look forward to have Gull as an official member.

Wedding Expo 2017 – Thank You Everyone

Filling of Bride’s Showbags

Special Projects Manager Mick reported back on the outcomes of the Wedding Expo. A lot of time and effort goes into making the day a success. An example of some of the tasks include: Exhibitor liaison, advertising, site plans, electrical plans, sponsorship of signage, bag stuffing for show bags for brides, etc.

This year we had over 280 visitors to the Wedding Expo of which 124 were identified as Brides. Over fifty per cent of the visitors to the Expo said they found out through Facebook.

(Friend of Rotary) Edna and (member) Frances

We have 38 great exhibitors and as you can see in the photos people got to have a bit of fun at the Expo.

This in an increase in attendance this year and also shows that our faccebook advertising was a returned a positive result. Everyone who attended said they had a good time at the Expo which is great feedback to get.

Cassar’s Limousines Doves

Masters Dry Cleaners Wedding Dress Preservations

Feedback from the Exhibitors was also very positive. They said they had many interested parties approaching them and were happy with the volume of interest with many indicating that they would lie to participate again next year.

We have also established a great working relationship with Encore. They were happy with the cooperation and communication with the club and look forward to working with us in the future. We have sent them a letter of thanks for the great support received and the helpfulness of their staff on the day was wonderful.

Raffle winner

We also held a raffle and this was well supported by attendees.

The club would also like to thank all of the exhibitors and visitors of the Expo and we look forward to running the event again next year and hope to see many of you there again. If you are married before then, you will have to share your wonderful experience with your friends and encourage them to attend too.

Mick extended his thanks to everyone in the club for the smooth operation of the day and everybody who helped then and behind the scenes to make this day the successful event it turned out to be. Special mention was made to those people who played a more significant role in making preparing for and assisting with the Wedding Expo.

A special thanks is extended to Mick for managing the event. It takes a lot of time and work to pull all of this together. Mick is looking forward to handing over the reins to Mary and Fiona who will co-manage this event next year.

Well done everyone.