Women In Rotary Night – A Great Success

Wednesday 8th March was the International Women’s Day but for the women of the Rotary Club of Hoppers Crossing, the celebration was graced in a historical way on the night of 22nd March 2017 with big presence of the audience being women, highlighted by the remarkable woman (Past DG), Julie Mason, as a guest speaker, talking about the Impact of Rotary. I am glad to have witnessed all unfold. Pleasantly and genuinely clearing the clouds around women and rotary.

Past District Governor Julie Mason

Julie demonstrated, with a stirring address, her passion for Rotary (and what Rotary can do for its members) – The audience was enthralled, as Julie’s presentation was outstanding.

(L-R) Mentor Shaz, Unductee Shemsiya, ADG Nicole, and President Des

Following the presentation of Julie, we were delighted to induct another female member, Shemsiya. Our Assistant District Governor, Nicole, assisted me in inducting Shemsiya to our club on this very special night. Shemsiya helps balance the scale in our club of women to men ratio. Go Ladies. I am very pleased with the progress being made to achieving one of my rotary year goals as President.

Perhaps the surprising highlight of the night was the impromptu address by our newest member Shemsiya who spoke from her heart about what becoming a member of Rotary means for her prior to her induction as a Rotarian. Shem has been supported by her family in joining Rotary and had a great support team last night. Unfortunately, her husband Adam is overseas for the next few months and was therefore unable to be here on her special night. As Shemsiya’s confidence grows she will undoubtedly be a great asset for our club.

Our Women in Rotary Night was an outstanding success with around forty ladies attending as visitors to learn more about the wonderful work done in Rotary. They were supported by a great majority of our own members attending this unique event compared to our regular weekly meetings. Thank you to everyone for your support in making this night a successful one.

President Nominee Shaz

I would also like to add my gratitude and appreciation for our Women IN Rotary Night Committee, so ably led by Shaz who accepted my offer of management of this project in her first leadership role in our club. A job that was extremely well managed and executed.

We welcomed a very familiar face, in Assistant Governor Nicole Lake who has quickly made herself a valued friend of many of our members in her first year in that role. Nicole has looked forward to this event and she was warmly welcomed by members. We look forward to any future occasion when Nicole can visit us.

Guests were shown evidence of the many Rotary projects in our Showcase and Linda chaired an excellent Q and A Panel session featuring Shaz, Maria and Frances, all with varying lengths of service to Rotary.

It is hoped that several of our female guests who later expressed their wish to join Rotary will attend upcoming meetings to check out whether Rotary is for them. I know our members will make them feel very welcome when they come along to experience one of our regular meetings.

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