Potential New Members talk about their Passions

This week we had two potential new members talk to us about their life and their passion and why they were interested in joining Rotary. It seemed the common consensus amongst most people want to join is that they want to do something meaningful and help the local community. Here is what Aziz and Tufah had to say this week.

Aziz Arshad talking to the club about his work history.

Aziz Arshad

Aziz is from Pakistan and has spent most of his life between there and Australia. Aziz is now permanently residing in Australia and has been now for some years. Aziz was introduced to you club through his nephew Khurram.

Aziz has spent many years working in the welfare sector in Pakistan assisting in education programs for Orphans and the homeless, in both city and rural areas. He was trustee for many children, which mean he would manage the funds to ensure they were being distributed appropriately. . He encouraged his family, friends, and local businesses to sponsor children to entitle them to the basic education the deserved. It would cost $150 to cover their education (books, bag, uniform, etc) or $350 to cover their education and living expenses.

Khurram (left) and Aziz (right). Khurram is Aziz’s nephew and introduced him to our club.

In Australia he has worked for organisations such as Brotherhood of St Laurence, Vinnies, etc. Although officially retired, Aziz is now looking at setting up his own business. Aziz likes to remain active in the community, which is what motivated him to join our club.

We look forward to Aziz being inducted into our club in the new future.


Tufah Garad

Tufah talks about her passion of empowering women.

Tufah found out about our club through Women of Wyndham. The chair of the group introduced her to Des and the rest they say is history. With Des’ passion for Rotary and improving the gender balance it is no wonder we have the pleasure of having Tufah becoming a member of our club in the near future.

Tufah is from Somalia. Tufah is very passionate about the rights of equality of women in the community. Tufah has worked in local community centres and many organisations that focus on empowering women in the community. A lot of the work Tufah has done over the years has been in a voluntary capacity.

Frances, Tufah and President Des

Tufah enjoys working with women (especially from a culturally and linguistically diverse background) and educating them about living in Australia. This includes understanding the language, the culture, the rights of women, resources available to assist them when needed, etc. Tufah has also educated women in health related matters such as breast self-examinations, accessing our health system, etc. Knowledge is power and being empowered helps people feel in control of their lives and a valued member of society.

Tufah summed up her beliefs very nicely by saying “Work as a community. Work with each other and support each other”.

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