East Timor Hearts Fund – Guest Speaker Dr Louise Creati

(Written by Gifty Dade)

This week was a very special meeting where we welcomed Dr Louise Creati who gave us a most informative address regarding the East Timor Heart Fund followed by a donation from the club.

Dr Louise Creati – volunteer Cardiologist for East Timor Hearts Fund

Dr. Louise Creati spoke on East Timor Hearts Fund and the incredible work it does.
Louise is a Cardiologist at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Mercy Hospital Werribee.
Louise was also a Rotary Exchange Student at 17 years old travelling to Malaysia.

History: East Timor Hearts Fund Established in 2010 by Dr. Noel Bayley (Cardiologist Warrnambool) Noel has been travelling to East Timor since 2002 for aid work. Patrons are the governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove and His Excellency Xanana Gusmão – Former Prime Minister of East Timor.

Louise stated that, in the setting of poverty and lack of access to healthcare, there are ‘lots’ of rheumatic heart diseases with no known actual prevalence:
• Combination of rheumatic heart disease
• Congenital heart disease
• Grown up congenital heart disease.

Below are some of the achievements by Louise and her team during a trip last year to East Timor:
• 130 patients seen, all with echo-cardiograms done in 4 days!!!!
• Biggest trip done to date
• Able to review patients’ post-procedure, medical therapy reviews, and had about 80 brand-new referrals.
• Currently 9 young people needing relatively urgent intervention.
• 26 on waitlist.
• Younger children are usually referred to and taken care of by ROMAC.

Dr louise Creati receiving cheque from Community Committee member Louise

Louise was very gracious when receiving a donation of $500.00 from our Community Committee on behalf of Club for the East Timor Heart Fund.

Donations can be made to through their website at East Timor Hearts Fund

We wish Louise and the amazing group of volunteers at the East Timor Hearts Fund continued success at saving lives.

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