New Member Inducted – Fiona Bolton

One of the main events from this week’s meeting was the long-awaited induction of Fiona Bolton who is destined to become a fine contributor to our Club and its major projects.

Fiona has already been involved in club activities and President Elect David was thrilled to announce that new members Fiona and Mary Sfameni will jointly manage our Wedding  Expo (which is one of the club’s major fundraising projects) for 2018.

It is fantastic to see new members step up and take on key roles in our club.

Welcome to our Club again Fiona and to the Social and Fundraising Committee. We look forward to the continued contributions you make to our club and the wider community.

(L-R) Mary (who introduced Fiona to the Club), Tim (who chair’s the Social and Fundraising Committee which fiona is officially joining and is already actively participating in), Gifty (will be Fiona’s mentor) and our newest member herself, Fiona.

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