Wedding Expo 2017 – Thank You Everyone

Filling of Bride’s Showbags

Special Projects Manager Mick reported back on the outcomes of the Wedding Expo. A lot of time and effort goes into making the day a success. An example of some of the tasks include: Exhibitor liaison, advertising, site plans, electrical plans, sponsorship of signage, bag stuffing for show bags for brides, etc.

This year we had over 280 visitors to the Wedding Expo of which 124 were identified as Brides. Over fifty per cent of the visitors to the Expo said they found out through Facebook.

(Friend of Rotary) Edna and (member) Frances

We have 38 great exhibitors and as you can see in the photos people got to have a bit of fun at the Expo.

This in an increase in attendance this year and also shows that our faccebook advertising was a returned a positive result. Everyone who attended said they had a good time at the Expo which is great feedback to get.

Cassar’s Limousines Doves

Masters Dry Cleaners Wedding Dress Preservations

Feedback from the Exhibitors was also very positive. They said they had many interested parties approaching them and were happy with the volume of interest with many indicating that they would lie to participate again next year.

We have also established a great working relationship with Encore. They were happy with the cooperation and communication with the club and look forward to working with us in the future. We have sent them a letter of thanks for the great support received and the helpfulness of their staff on the day was wonderful.

Raffle winner

We also held a raffle and this was well supported by attendees.

The club would also like to thank all of the exhibitors and visitors of the Expo and we look forward to running the event again next year and hope to see many of you there again. If you are married before then, you will have to share your wonderful experience with your friends and encourage them to attend too.

Mick extended his thanks to everyone in the club for the smooth operation of the day and everybody who helped then and behind the scenes to make this day the successful event it turned out to be. Special mention was made to those people who played a more significant role in making preparing for and assisting with the Wedding Expo.

A special thanks is extended to Mick for managing the event. It takes a lot of time and work to pull all of this together. Mick is looking forward to handing over the reins to Mary and Fiona who will co-manage this event next year.

Well done everyone.

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