Blue Light Disco Donation

(This article was written by President Des – 10 May 2017)

(L-R) Pennie and Michael from Victoria Police with Rotarians Bob and Khurram.

Our guest speakers were Leading Senior Constable Penni Renden and Senior Constable Michael Marshall from Victoria Police. Penni and Michael both have great passion for the Blue Light Disco Program and its associated projects and talked to us about the great work being done for disadvantaged kids in the western region by running discos for disadvantaged and troubled youth in the West.

They obtain support from Victoria Police but only in relation to using Police buses to take a group of kids each year to a camp which teaches them self confidence and life skills.

Otherwise the camps are largely funded through community donations and from any profits they make from running the Blue Light Discos in Sanctuary Lakes.

Participants are sourced through recommendation from local schools in the West. All police involved in this project donate their own time as they are not rostered on for “Blue Light Disco” duty.

The camps cost around $5000 – $6000 to run each year and our club was happy to present them with a donation tonight to help fund their next camp.

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