Aziz and Tufah’s Inductions

(L-R) Tufah, President Des and Aziz

Charter member Nick is inducting Tufah and Aziz. Doug and Greg welcome the new members to their committees and Khurram is the mentor for Aziz. Louise si the mentor for Tufah (but absent on the night). (L-R) Nick, Tufah, Aziz, Doug and Khurram.

Tufah and Aziz we inducted into the club on Wednesday 24 May 2017. We are very pleased to welcome them officially even though they have been attending and contributing for some time now.

We are proud to see our membership has grown from 22 members last July to 31 (to date) with two more member inductions (Jake and Brendan) in June at our club’s changeover dinner. It seems that the ability to talk to people about how great our organisation is, is required and to show positive enthusiasm to people when inviting them along.

Our long-time friend “the little pink hat” will of course take all the credit for our membership growth and will be retired at Changeover Night, but any thoughts of taking the scissors to it that night may have to wait as we have been invited by our Guest Speaker last night Dr Leon Lewi to attend a club meeting at his club, Keilor in July for the purpose of discussing how we were so successful in growing our club this year and our little pink hat will be attending.

Des will be escorting our little pink hat along to its first interclub visit. Whilst its existence is a constant reminder to our goal of increasing ‘female’ membership, its contribution has been entirely symbolic and a bit of a gimmick. “The little pink hat” appears to have grown a life of its own and it has actually worked in a positive way for us.

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