WynSpeak Final 2017

(Report by President Des O’Shanassy. Apologies in lateness of publishing this article – Louise, webpage manager)

On Wednesday 7th June 2017, we had the opportunity of attending the WynSpeak 2017 Final at the Wyndham Cultural Centre and I am very pleased that we had a reasonably good attendance on the night.

The Organising committee does a huge amount of voluntary work over many months in preparing for this event and run five preliminary rounds prior to the Final, so it is important to show our support to the Rotarians involved.

Senior Winner – Maria Irene Magousis (Good News Lutheran College)

This year’s senior winner was Maria Irene Magousis from Good News Lutheran College. Maria presented a challenging address on the ‘Value of Vaccinations’.

Junior Winner – Alejandra Comacho (Bacchus Marsh Grammar)

This year’s junior winner was Alejandra Comacho from Bacchus Marsh Grammar. Alejandra informed us about the ‘Importance of a Name’.

This was the first time the Final has been held at the Wyndham Cultural Centre and despite a few logistical issues and challenges the committee worked through, the night went off extremely well. We are grateful for the support provided by Wyndham Cultural Centre staff.

One thing we missed this year was the powerpoint presentation in the backgound showing sponsors names and actual filming of the event. Both tasks are managed by Rovick Productions. Rodney and Vicki unfortunately had to rush over to New Zealand late on the Friday prior to the final for personal reasons. We have you and your family in our thoughts, Rod and Vicky.

Senior Finalists 2017

Junior Finalists 2017

Early in the next school term, I will be travelling to the various colleges attended by the winners and runners up to represent personal trophies and the Junior and Senior Shields to the winning schools’ Principals at school assemblies. Details will be announced once trophies are engraved and any members who may be available are invited to accompany me to the colleges for this ceremony.

Finally, we were joined by a delegation of members from the Rotary Club of Caroline Springs for preliminary round five and at the Final who are interested in developing a similar competition for the area. We will be having discussions with them shortly about how we can assist them to promote this concept to their local secondary colleges hoping to get another competition off and running. Stay tuned for more information.

If you would like to see photos from the night, please head to the WynSpeak Facebook Page.  Please like their page and you will be informed when the fun begin again in 2018.

Special thanks to the WynSpeak Organising Committee, who was chaired this year by Geraldine Walker. Also an extended thanks to all members and supporters from both Apex and Rotary who helped make this year another successful year for this long-standing local public speaking even.

Wynspeak is a community project jointly run by Hoppers Crossing Apex and the Rotary Club of Hoppers Crossing.

We would also like to acknowledge the support and sponsorship of the 2017 competition:

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