Rotary Youth Exchange

This week we welcomed Emmanuel Tumino from the District Youth Exchange Committee who provided a great insight into this long running and successful Rotary Youth Program.
He provided valuable information about the commitment that club makes and what is expected of clubs and also detailed the benefits both to the student and to Rotary. Current exchange student, Lina, being hosted by the Rotary club of Laverton/Point Cook, accompanied Emmanuel.

Emmanuel, in his address, offered a powerful argument as to why our club could consider taking an exchange student.

Emmanual from Rotary Youth Committee and Lina current Rotary Exchange student hosted by Rotary Club of Laverton/Point Cook

Lina Zimmerman is the Rotary district exchange inbound student from Bern, Switzerland. She is currently being hosted by Laverton-Point Cook Rotary and studies at Westbourne Grammar School. According to her, the purpose of the program is cultural exchange, leaving comfort zone to learn and understand one’s passions through travelling. She was convinced that Australians are very welcoming, easy-going and jolly. In the past six months of the program, Lina has supported her sponsor Rotary Club, participated in BBQs, experienced Vegemite and attended an AFL match between Tigers and Cats. She is very excited for her next 5 months in Melbourne. Moreover, her visit to Hoppers Crossing Rotary is the first external visit.

Emmanuel has been a member of Footscray Rotary since 2007, and has been on District Youth Exchange Committee for 8 years. He was grateful to our club and club’s President Des O’Shanassy for their support. Every year, 15 students from our district go for exchange and in return 15 youth arrive in our district. Emmanuel aimed to counter myths surrounding Rotary Youth Exchange. He stressed that old age is not a good reason to decline a student and that the program aims to create cross-cultural and cross-country connections. The students are from varying monetary backgrounds, but we must note that this program is not philanthropic. In conclusion, he said, that we need to focus on “What we can do to make exchange happen?” rather than finding reason for not supporting one.

Assistant Governor Col, Youth Committee Chair – Khurram, Emmanual and Lina

Members will recall that our club was invited to sponsor Ana, a student from Brazil late last year and we had all necessary plans in place but Heathdale Christian College, our chosen school ran out of time to find host families. Given our concerted efforts to assist last year, and following a recent club survey, when it was determined that the vast majority of members would welcome an Exchange student, providing host families could be found, it would not be surprising that we may be contacted by District again very shortly – something for our incoming Board to consider seriously.

Perhaps 2-3 extra mid week BBQs could cover the cost?

Wade Britnell – Kite Financial Services

Wade and Max - 25 Jan 2017

Wade Britnell from Kite Financial Services is thanked by Rotarian Max for his informative presentation to the club

Wade Britnell started his own business, Kite Financial Services, three years ago and is
based in Point Cook. Wade came and spoke to the club tonight about the type of services his business provides and to generally educate us about planning for retirement.

It must be noted that all information Wade presented and anything written in this article is for general information only.

Wade explained that the first thing he does with his clients is to fevelop an indeividualised plan to support the client’s financial objectives. Financially planning is done for three main reasons:
• Financial growth
• Protecting assets and income; and
• Preparation for retirement.

Kite Financial Services provides ongoing support and monitoring of your financial plan so that it can be adapted as needed, as changes occur or your goals change.

One of the main questions asked by clients is how much do I need to retire?
Considering the average retirement age is 67 years and average life expectancy is 92 years, resources you have need to cover you for at least 25 years.
• For a single person to have an average income of $43,000 per year, you will need $66K to retire.
• For a couple to have an average income of $59,160 per year, they will need $770K to retire.

Changes to the aged pension that are coming into effect over the next year were also explained and how these will impact on superannuation and retirement savings. Wade explained the impact on the assets testing but also did say that Aged Pensions are also income tested so this also needs to be taken into account when planning.

Wade went on to discuss superannuation and how it can affect your retirement planning and the most effective ways on investing in your super now both pre and post tax methods.

Wade explained that at retirement you have three options with your superannuation:
• Leave super where it is
• Cash out your super
• Convert your super into a pension and receive regular payments.

Wade went onto explain the difference between Annuities and Reversionary Pensions.

Some options people are taking at retirement to utilise their assets and to allow for more effective use with the aged pension being impacted are:
• Gifting up to $10,000 in a year of $30,000 over a five-year period.
• Purchasing Funeral Bonds
• Renovating their home

Wade explained that each financial plan obviously has to be customised to the goals and needs of the individual client, as everybody’s situation is different.

Wade is happy to chat to any member interested. Your initial appointment is free.

Kite Financial Services
Phone 0418 181 231



Amirul attends National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)

Tonight, we welcomed Amirul Skymmarm. Amirul is a year 11 student from Tarneit Senior College. Our club recently sponsored Amirul to attend the annual Rotary National Youth Science Forum held in Canberra.

Tonight Amirul joined us as our guest speaker and provided us with an enlightening presentation about his experience, what the two week long forum entailed, highlights (with accompanying photos) of the highlights of his trip and what he enjoyed most about the time he spent in Canberra and the many new friends he has made, which he will keep in touch with through the wonderful world of social media (which they are already doing)

Thanks to Amirul for coming along and filling us in on your experience and thanking us for being able to provide you with this opportunity.

Amirul was accompanied to the meeting by his father, Khairil, who has an interest in joining Rotary and took the opportunity to see our club in action.


Amirul presenting President Des with a Certificate of Appreciation from the National Youth Science Forum



Linda (Youth Committee Rep) and Amirul following his presentation

‘Cure for MND’ Fundraiser

MND is something that could effect anyone if it has not already directly or indirectly affected you…

Please support this Fundraising Event being held at the Hoppers Crossing Sports Club on Saturday 18 February from 1pm to 4pm.

If you are a Western Bulldogs supporter and want the chance to bid on club memorabilia – don’t miss this!!!!


Merry Christmas from Rotary Club of Hoppers Crossing


On behalf of all members of the Rotary Club of Hoppers Crossing we wish everybody a joyful and peaceful festive season and a year of bright and happy times ahead.

We acknowledge that different cultures and people have different spiritual beliefs and may not celebrate Christmas but we can all celebrate the gift of life we are given and give thanks for what it brings to us. It is a time to reflect on the past and look forward to a new year.

We look forward to serving humanity and keeping you informed of our work in the new year while enjoying the gift of friendship through Rotary.

Spreading some Christmas Cheer to local families through WSH

Our Community Committee decided to try and spread some christmas cheer to some families in need during the christmas period.

Through the support pf members donations and the help of Werribee Support and housing staff identifying appropriate families, we were able to share the Christmas Spirit.

Thanks to Sharon for coordinating the project and to everybody who contributed through donations of good and packing of hampers.

Here are some photos the helps packing and delivering the hampers to the staff at WSH.


20161212_174401 20161212_174404 20161212_174407 20161213_160241 20161213_160259 20161213_160418 20161213_160421 20161212_174346

Corey Inducted into our Club

corey(Contributed by President Des)


On Wednesday 7 December, we inducted Cory into the Rotary club of Hoppers Crossing – Cory first attended a club meeting back in May but she and David have been travelling extensively to the Philippines for family reasons in recent months and only recently indicated that her family will be based in Wyndham.

In a departure from other Induction ceremonies, and prior to the formal ceremony to induct her, Cory was invited to give a short presentation outlining her history in Rotary in the Philippines and her reasons, goals and objectives in being a member of our club.

Cory then provided members with a most engaging and enlightening summary of her background and commitment to Rotary and even gave the club a challenge in creating a sister club in the Philippines – food for thought!

Cory and David therefore become the latest husband and wife members of the Rotary club of Hoppers Crossing and we eagerly await their contributions now that they and Cory’s family are finally settling down in our local community.

Club Christmas Dinner

(written by President Des)

On Friday night 9 December, we caught a glimpse of the future of our club when Tim and Khurram took centre stage (under the firm control of Norm, whom they roped in presided as acting SAA for the night. We enjoyed a very amusing and entertaining final break up party with Tim not only learning the hard way to check equipment before the event.

The entertainment the guys had planned unfortunately, did not like Alan’s laptop and failed. That proved to be little obstacle to the guys as they improvised with some very entertaining impromptu entertainment, the Mannequin Challenge.

All in all, it was an excellent night with what is becoming typically high attendance reflecting the enjoyment and anticipation our members have in coming along each week.

Here is some pictures to illustrate the enjoyment being had by everyone present.






Rotary Showcase at Tarneit Learning Centre

(written by President Des)

Whilst they did not achieve an attendance even close to the 1500 they were expecting, we gained some excellent networking opportunities, encouraged number of local residents to join us at DiCaprio’s for a meeting early next year, and through our display we were able to inform the local Tarneit community of what we do so well.

This is important as Tarneit; with its predominantly Indian population is one of our Target areas for future membership.

Thank you to Louise and Alan who coordinated this event. Whilst numbers were lower than expected, we achieved our goal of showcasing Rotary to the Community over the three days and gained some potential membership leads.